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3 Fun Things to Make and Do with Paper Plates

Make Jellyfish

You will need:

· Paper Plates

· Glue

· Wool

· Tissue Paper

· Scissors

· Hole Punch

· Googly Eyes

· Black Marker Pen

1. Start by cutting up the tissue paper into small squares. For young kids who aren’t comfortable yet with scissors, you can suggest tearing up the tissue paper, instead.

2. Cover the plate in glue. Use the small tissue squares to cover the paper plate. You can leave part of the bottom uncovered as we will cut it out anyway.

3. Cut one side of the paper plate (the one that you haven’t covered in tissue paper) to look like the bottom of a jellyfish.

4. Use a hole punch to make several holes along the cut bottom.

5. Thread wool through the holes at the bottom and tie it up. Cut the wool pieces to be all at the same length.

6. Glue the googly eyes and use a black marker to draw a mouth.

Balloon Tennis

You will need:

· Paper Plates

· Glue

· Large Lollipop Sticks

1. Glue the large lollipop sticks to the back of paper plates.

2. Blow up the balloon and let the fun begin!

Paper Plate Dinosaurs

You will need:

· Paper plates

· Kitchen Roll

· Scissors

· Tape

· Black Maker Pen

1. Decorate the paper plates in any way that you like.

2. Cut the paper plate in half and put one side to the side. Cut a head and tail out of the other side.

3. Cut out the dinosaur head and tail and tape it to the dinosaur paper plate body (half of the paper plate).

4. To finish the dinosaur, cut two pieces of kitchen roll and put slits on the side of each roll so that you can easily slide the paper plates in.

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