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3 Fun Things to Make and Do with Straws

Make a straw Flute

You will need:

· Straws

· Scissors

· Tape

1. Lay out a piece of tape.

2. Stick the straws in line on the tape.

3. Wrap the tape around the width of the straws to secure.

4. Cut the bottom of the straws at a diagonal angle.

5. Blow into the straw flute to make some music.

Straw Blow Painting

You will need:

· Straws

· Paper

· Watered down paints

1. Cut your straws in half and poke a hole halfway up the straw with a pin. This will prevent children from sucking paint into the straw by accident.

2. Put the watered down paints in small dishes.

3. Drop some of the paint onto the paper.

4. Blow through the straw at the paint drops, forcing the paint to move along the paper.

Pasta Threading

You will need:

· Straws

· Penne Pasta

· Playdough

1. Poke a small number of straws into the play dough.

2. Thread the pasta onto each straw.

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